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Route 2 Volunteer

Route2Volunteer inspires you to travel responsibly and well prepared! By bundling experiences from former volunteers, (scientific) research, training experience and personal experiences, Route2volunteer helps you to add value for yourself and the local population.


Is your journey not yet established?

Discover below what you should take into account when choosing your volunteer journey.


Have you already arranged your trip? 

Prepare for international volunteering with our e-learning program.

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why volunteer?

What is your motivation for volunteering? And why it is good to think about this before you book A trip? Discover it on this page. See what motivations others had and take your first step in your Route2Volunteer

How do i become A successful volunteer?

Research have shown that there are qualities which A successful volunteer must meet. We have summarized these qualities here for the sake of convenience. Discover what 'locals' say about these competencies and check how you stand.


Where can i do volunteer work?

Do you have A clear motivation for volunteering and do you also have A clear picture of what you should take into account? Beautiful! Is it now time to investiagte where your journey is going. Get inspired and see where others went!

How do i choose a PROJECT?

Choosing A project and organization is important. However, choosing A good project and A good organization proves to be more important. Read here what options there are and what you should take into account when choosing your organization.


What tips and tricks do former volunteers have for me?

Former volunteers have A wealth of experience and it would be A shame not to share these experiences with you. On this page former volunteers give unique tips and tricks for your preparation, during your trip and your farewell and return.

Check check, can i leave?

To successfully continue your Route2Volunteer it is important to take A look back. Check for yourself whether you have everything clear and have thought of everything. Your next step is your journey and we hope that you share your experience for future volunteers.