1. Volunteer Tourism: Learn what fits you best

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What you'll learn during this course

About us

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Hi, my name is Romy and I am one of the founders of the Muses foundation.

The Muses foundation was set up after my volunteer experience in Guatemala.

I met Jurrien in Guatemala and we both noticed that there were many volunteers who wanted to make a contribution but didn’t really know how to.

After doing some research, we found out that only a few volunteers were professionally trained before starting on their volunteer work. This had to change!

In 2012 I gave the first preparation training to a group of volunteers. More and more organisations became enthusiastic and they started to see the benefits. They saw a clear difference between volunteers who were trained by Muses and volunteers who were not. Since then Muses has trained an average of 800 volunteers yearly.

At Muses we wanted to prove the impact of our work. So in 2016 we received funding to measure the impact of our training. Two years of research, with several notable researchers in charge, many students, and hundreds of volunteers who cooperated, has led to a very valuable impact study. 

This is how a huge database of knowledge and experiences came about. Based on this database we developed the website Route 2 Volunteer to help and prepare future volunteers. 

Many volunteers who were trained by Muses indicated that they came into situations where they saw volunteers from other countries struggling. We decided to scale up our training in order to reach volunteers from other countries apart from the Netherlands. And this is how this e-learning programme came about! 

We believe that this programme can contribute to increasing the impact of volunteers worldwide. We want to give every volunteer a fantastic experience, where everyone makes a sustainable contribution to the local projects.

Volunteer Resumé

You will be asked several questions about yourself during this e-learning programme (think about motivation, skills etc.). The answers you'll give, will automatically be filled into your Volunteer Resumé, which will be available to download when you have fully completed the course.

This Volunteer Resumé can be shared with your local project coordinator. You increase the chance that you will be offered work that matches your skills, and it will help the local coordinator to quickly get to know you! 

Tips on taking the course

  • If possible, follow this e-learning programme on a laptop or desktop. This works better than on your mobile. 
  • Monitor the progress you make in the lessons, in the progress bar on the right side of the screen.
  • In this e-learning programme we use the word 'volunteer'. Wherever we use 'volunteer' you might read 'intern', because this e-learning programme is just as useful for internships abroad!
  • Any questions or comments about the course? You can contact us by clicking the 'questionmark' at the bottom of each lesson!

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