Lesson 12: Introduction

Lesson 12 Chapter 3

Let's start off with a video

In the last chapter you have learned why it is important to consider your skills and professional background. In this chapter we will dive a little deeper into personal attributes that are important to consider as a volunteer.

The video is a commercial from a bank showing how cultural differences can lead to misunderstanding. It shows that politeness can mean different things in different cultures. As a volunteer it is important to be polite. But what exactly does polite mean in the context of the country where you are going to do volunteer work?

Chapter overview

Total duration:‚Äč

10-15 minutes

Course rating:

Chapter goal:

The volunteer can reflect on his/her personal attributes and how to use them at the volunteer project

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Lesson 12: Introduction
  • Lesson 13: Which personal attributes are important for volunteering?
  • Lesson 14: Test your knowledge
  • Lesson 15: Apply your knowledge


  • Knowledge tests
  • Moment of reflection and evaluation
  • Next lesson: Which personal attributes are important for volunteering?