Lesson 11: Introduction

Lesson 11 Chapter 3

Sustainable development

Sustainability remains a hot topic, and not because it is a brand new idea. It is hardly new - but it is gaining recognition because it is becoming abundantly clear that living sustainable lives is not just something we “should” do for the environment. It is something we must do to preserve our quality of life and of all the lives on this planet.

Find out how the country where you are going to volunteer scores on indicators of sustainable development

chapter overview

Total duration:

10-15 minutes

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Chapter goal:

The volunteer knows the meaning of sustainability and can act in a sustainable way

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Lesson 11: Introduction
  • Lesson 12: What should I know about sustainability?
  • Lesson 13: Test your knowledge
  • Lesson 14: Apply your knowledge


  • Knowledge tests
  • Moment of reflection and evaluation
  • next lesson: what should I know about sustainability?