Lesson 15: Apply your knowledge

Lesson 15 Chapter 3

Reflect on your personal attributes

The goal of this chapter was to reflect upon your personal attributes and to learn how to use them at your volunteer project. 

In lesson 13 you wrote down the following strengths:

Think about whether your strengths can be considered a weakness in another culture and think about whether your weaknesses could be considered a strength. 

Your answer to the question that follows will appear on your Volunteer Resumé!

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What have you learned in this chapter

  • You can reproduce which personal attributes are important for being a good volunteer
  • You can identify your own strengths and weaknesses
  • You are aware that some of your strengths can be seen as a weakness in other cultures and some weaknesses can be seen as strengths
  • You know what strengths you can use during your volunteer work

Enter Chapter 4: 'What kind of volunteer am I?'