Lesson 4: Upgrade your volunteer experience

Lesson 4 Chapter 1

You return home from your volunteer work. Some volunteers will be changed as persons and some just has an amazing experience and learned new things. How can you use some of this in your life back home and if so, how?

You definitely can apply your experience for the greater good! We have summed up some practical ways to add and or use this experience in your life:

  • New values? There may be new things that are important for you since you returned. Think of ways to translate this to the life you have back home. Do you even have to and can you change habits or preferences you used to have before you went on your volunteer work. If it does not feel good (anymore), do something about it (think about the traffic lights you have learned of out of the previous courses).
    Share you story. This can be with anyone or on your socials. Sharing can help to give this experience a place in your head.
    When you have the feeling that nobody at home really gets what you have experienced, but you still want to talk about it, try to be in contact with some of the other volunteers that you may have worked with and talk with them about the experience.
    Work related: add 'volunteers work' to your resume. You may also add it your LinkedIn profile. Volunteers work shows that you are motivated to help others without the assumption to get something in return. That is a positive trait!

This exercise can help you when you are back from your volunteer work.‚Äč

Exercise to overview what you have learned/ when you are not sure about what and if you have learned something:

    Make a list of a minimum of five (5) people that were involved with your prepaaration or when you were actually volunteering.
    Write down what these people have taught you/how they have helped you.
    Writedown why these things helped you/taught you something new.
    Write down how you can apply these things in your life back at home.