Lesson 6: Introduction

Lesson 6 Chapter 2

Feeling attached 

There are a lot of things in the country where you are going to volunteer that you can get attached to. The culture, the people, animals, the way of life, or the climate. It is part of the experience you engage in and it is not necessarily a problem. But in one specific case it can be a huge problem. This is when it is about the attachment to children. 

In this chapter you will learn about attachment and attachment disorder. 

Course overview

Total duration:‚Äč

10-15 minutes

Course rating:

Chapter goal:

The volunteer understands what attachment and attachment disorder mean and is able to avoid getting too attached

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Lesson 6: Introduction
  • Lesson 7: Why is it important to avoid getting too attached?
  • Lesson 8: What should I know about attachment?
  • Lesson 9: Test your knowledge
  • Lesson 10: Apply your knowledge


  • Knowledge tests
  • Moment of reflection and evaluation
  • Next lesson: Why is it important to avoid getting too attached?