Lesson 3: Why is it important to think about motivations?

Lesson 3 Chapter 1

4 good reasons to think about your motivations

Making a more conscious choice

From the moment you know what your motivations are, you will be able to make a more conscious choice about which project or experience you would like to engage in. This will lead to a better experience and a greater impact for yourself as well as for the local community. 

Realistic expectations

You will be able to set realistic expectations for your journey. Do you want to learn Spanish? 

But you’re only going to be in Colombia for four weeks? Perhaps you need to rethink whether you’ll master this beautiful language in this short period.

Easier preparation

Making sure that your motivations are clear will mean that your preparation will be easier.

Is it the right time?

Thinking about your motivations is important because you may find out that volunteering is not what you need in this phase of your life.

Describing your own motivations

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