Lesson 4: What are possible motivations?

Lesson 4 Chapter 1

Hedonism - Altruism

Watch the video or read the explanations down below. Be aware that your knowledge will be tested in the next lesson.

Hedonistic (holiday-oriented) volunteer

Acting in a way that gets you as much pleasure out of life as possible. For a Hedonistic volunteer enjoying oneself is the most important thing.

Altruistic (volunteering-oriented) volunteer

Acting out of concern for someone else’s well-being. Helping others.

Push and pull factors

Push factors

These are factors in your home situation which are considered as unpleasant and trigger you to leave. Examples include:

  • Escape fast busy lifestyle
  • Explore and evaluate yourself
  • Desire to relax
  • Prestige
  • Seeking friendships

These factors often explain a desire for travelling

Pull factors

These are circumstances which are considered as pleasant and trigger you to visit certain areas. Examples include:

  • See places, animals, phenomena
  • See how other people live
  • Desire to help other people
  • Attractiveness of a destination
  • Cultural attractions

These factors often explain a choice of destination

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