Lesson 4: What are possible motivations?

Lesson 4 Chapter 1

Hedonism - Altruism

Watch the video or read the explanations down below. Be aware that your knowledge will be tested in the next lesson.

Hedonistic (holiday-oriented) volunteer

Acting out of concern for someone else’s well-being. Helping others.

Altruistic (volunteering-oriented) volunteer

Acting in a way that get’s you as much pleasure out of life as possible. For a Hedonistic volunteer enjoying oneself is the most important thing.

Push and pull factors

Push factors

These are factors in your home situation which are considered as unpleasant and trigger you to leave. Examples include:

  • Escape fast busy lifestyle
  • Explore and evaluate yourself
  • Desire to relax
  • Prestige
  • Seeking friendships

These factors often explain a desire for travelling

Pull factors

These are circumstances which are considered as pleasant and trigger you to visit certain areas. Examples include:

  • See places, animals, phenomena
  • See how other people live
  • Desire to help other people
  • Attractiveness of a destination
  • Cultural attractions

These factors often explain a choice of destination

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