How do i choose a project?

Congratulations! You have made it to the next (important) step: choosing A project! This page shows different kinds of projects, how you can choose an organization and to finish this topic there is an example of an email. 

You can divide volunteer work in different types of projects. Please select the project type you want more information from below.

It is important to look into your own knowledge, background, and expectations when you choose A project type. You do not have to be an expert, but try to find A balance between your experience, your motivation and available time you have for A project. Most of the volunteers end up in A project through an inland organization that arranges A position for you. Choosing an organization is an important step! Below you can find some useful imformation on choosing an organization.  


How do i choose an organization? 

​In several countries, there are many organizations that offer volunteer journeys. Keep in mind that organizations that offer volunteer journeys. Keep in mind that orgnaizations are different in size, commercial institution, contact with projects, accompaniment and offers. Based on experience and research we recommend the following:

Choose your organization with attention! 

A good organization does not focus on marketing on poverty and does not present the locals as passive aid-receivers. A good orgnaization does not mind answering the questions below and exactly likes to, because they find A responsible volunteer very important. Dare to ask these questions to the organization. 

Questions which you can ask your organization:

How will I BE prepared as a volunteer on my journey?


How long has the organization been working with the local project? where can i find more imformation about the project? 

how much of my money will go to the project?

what does the accompaniment look like?


will there be feedback from volunteer about the project? and from the project about volunteer? 

Are you going to work with children? then you should pay extra attention to the following!

Muses made the infographic and even designed A special training with information about working with children during your voluntary work. The questions below help you to consciously choose your organization and project in order to work with children in A responsible way:

what will be my role in the project? what will my tasks be? 

how will the children know what my role is in the project? 

what will the proportion of staff be in comparison to the volunteers? 

could you share the behaviour protocol with me? 

what will happen if I send a complaint?

am I going to work in an orphan house? 


i do not have experience/education in working with children: what will my accompaniment look like?


example email

Click on the mail that suits your situation ('regular' or 'with children') and share the emial with your possible organization!