About route2volunteer

We inspire you to travel as responsibly and well prepared as possible! By bunding experiences from former volunteers, (scientific) research, training experience and personal experiences, Route2Volunteers offers you the first step to get the most out of your volunteer journey. By walking the route to successful volunteer work, you are taking that extra step that the initiators of this website have missed so much during their volunteer work period. Romy (fond of sala), Vera (with A love for Africa) and Luc (eager to travel from Alaska to South Africa) are happy to translate all Muses' research results and experiences into useful information for you! Route2Volunteer also collects new experience from former volunteers every day! Also contribute? That is possible here!


About the Muses Foundation 

Muses Foundation means A source of inspiration and was founded in 2007 by Jurrien Mammen and Romy Schagen. They met in 2006 in Guatemala. Jurrien and Romy noticed that there were few volunteers who had studied in advance what they could expect and how they could contribute effectively. That is why they decided, with the Muses Foundation, to focus on the preparation of volunteers. They have bundled all their own experience and experiences of volunteers into professional and interactive training to make volunteers aware of sustainable volunteering. This training has been given since 2012 and further developed. In addition, they also provide the Wijzer with kids training (specifically aimed at volunteering with children). In the meantime, almost 6,000 volunteers have traveled well prepared thanks to the Muses training.


About muses research 

As you can read above, Muses trains volunteers from preparation to return. The aim is to increase the impact of volunteers on project abroad. The preparation training is the main instrument of Muses. When sponsorship was received from COFRA for research into the effect of preparation training. The research is really part of the organization and is led by Vera and Luc. In addition, there is intensve collaboration with Muses' trainers and trainees. The results of the research have already led to serveral improvements in our training and the effect of our training is becoming increasingly clear.

Volunteers have an impact if they commit themselves sustainably and consciously during their voluntary work and afterwards. The preparation trainings, the research, Route2Volunteer and the whole of Muses exude this thought and if you have any questions or comments, contact us and we will be happy to help.