Let's make memories!
By offering travel, Activity International wants to bring as many volunteers and travelers into contact with other cultures as possible. Because we want to give them an unforgettable experience, but also to contribute to A world where people have A better understanding of each other. To achieve this, we have A versatile range of options worlwide.

Making good memories during your voluntary work, that is what it is all about for us. And those memories are best when you make them together. With us, with you, with the local guidance and not to be forgotten with the locals! We arrange it for you. And we do that with pleasure! Whatever your plans or dreams are: just do it and let us make some memories!


who we are:

We all have our specialty and that is handy for you, because you have A premanent coordinator as contact from booking to departure. With the right knowledge! You can contact us with all your questions and we are happy to help you with all your preparation for your volunteer work. We do that every day with great pleasure! But even when you are working on your project, we are there for you! Because we think it is important that you leave with A good feeling and with the knowledge that you always have someone to fall back on. We know from experience how beautiful and valuable A foreign adventure can be. And we grant you that too.


What makes us special:

  • Already 30 years of experience 
  • Many beautiful and useful volunteer projects
  • Personal, flexible, knowledgeable and enthusiastic
  • More than 30 destinations
  • Already helped more than 20,000 adventurers