At Physical Therapy Abroad the pure form of physiotherapy is central. You have chosen this great profession to be able to help people and that is exactly what you are going to do abroad. Our locations are small-scale projects in various countries around the world. Sometimes this is with guidance, sometimes without it; which you feel most comfortable with.



Physical Therapy Abroad is A social enterprise. Founded by and around for physiotherapists who would like to contribute to the world in A sustainable way. That way you can mean something to someone else and you learn from that person again. We connect cultures through therapy. 


What makes us special:

We are the specialist in physiotherapy and paramedical projects abroad. We arrange volunteer work, internships and minors. To get the most out of your skills as a therapist (in training), we provide an extensive preparation by d.m.v. Matching to size. The preparation training of the Muses Foundation can of course not be missed!