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Course 3 chapter 2

1) All of the following are questions a volunteer should consider, before initiating a project or activity, except for one. Which one?

2) In some communities, it is considered polite to give socially desirable answers to volunteers when volunteers request feedback on their performance at the project/s.

3) When providing suggestions to the local community on the handling of some community-based issues, how the community feels about it should be secondary. What I feel about it is the most important. 

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Course 2 chapter 2

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1. Culture 

The condition where you return to your home country and find it difficult to settle in and difficult to readjust to your local culture is called;
All of the following can be associated with cultural differences, except for one. Which one?
In some cultures eye contact can be seen as disrespectful, not showing interest, and being cheeky.
Because I am aware of my norms and values and I have an open attitude towards the norms and values of others, it makes it easier for me to adapt to different cultures.

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Course 1 Chapter 1

Welcome to your Course 1 Chapter 1

1. Motivations

Do you remember? Which of the following are reasons why it is important to know your own motivation for volunteering?

2. Hedonistic or Altruistic

Please check whether we're dealing with an altruistic or a hedonistic volunteer in the following statements: 

"It's great that I will be volunteering in December. It is winter at that moment in my country, but summer in South Africa!"

"If I stay with a host family and try to buy my fruits at the local market, I will be helping the local economy as well!"

"Probably I will have a lot of spare time during my working week. I'm gonna look for other opportunities to be meaningful for the community."

"I'm really looking forward to helping local nurses with their daily activities."

"Great that I've received the lonely planet from my friend. Really looking forward to the weekends!"

3. Push and Pull factors

Read the story of Luc and answer the question below:

"Hi! I’m Luc, and I am going to South-Africa for 2 months to teach English at a local school. I want to go abroad for a while to escape the busy lifestyle that I’m used to. I chose to go to South Africa because I would love to get to know the local culture. I also hope to meet new friends over there. I’ve heard that the school where I’ll be volunteering has a lack of resources and a shortage of teachers. They can really use my help there. That’s why I chose this project! I’m a teacher in my home country and I already have plenty of ideas on how to work with the students. I hope I can teach them a lot and pass my ideas on to the local teachers, so they can continue with the ideas when I leave. I really want to be of great help to them!

Luc shared his volunteering plans. Which of the following motivations he gave, is a pull factor for volunteering?