Course 1 – Chapter 2

Welcome to your Course 1 - Chapter 2

1. Professional background. 

All of the following reasons make it important to know your skills and professional background except;
2. Skills and professional background at work

Read the following and answer the question which follows.
“At a very young age I developed a passion for helping others. After finishing high school, I went to Victoria medical school where I spent the next seven (7) years preparing to be A doctor. As part of my education at Victoria medical school, I spent two days per week at the local hospital assisting the doctors and nurses. Additionally, I have completed a course in social work at the local college in my community. Because of my professional background, I am now going to Ghana to assist at the local communities. 

Which type of project/s would be best suitable for this volunteer?

3. Knowing your skills and professional background

Read the following approaches  to volunteering and state which one is the better approach. 

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