Course 1 chapter 4

1. Types of volunteers

Read the text and answer the question which follows. 

"Whenever I travel abroad for voluntary work, I find out what are the best bars in the community I am volunteering. On the weekends I would go to the clubs and festivals with the local residents from the community. Although I came to do voluntary work, most of my time is spent having fun"

What type of volunteer am I?
I am doing voluntary work so I can build my CV. What type of volunteer am I?
When doing voluntary work abroad, I would usually bring toys and school supplies for the children in the local community. 

What type of volunteer am I?
1 out of 2
2. Open, honest, and interested. 

"I tend to judge the people in the community in which I am doing my voluntary work" Is that part of being open, honest, and interested?
"I find it difficult when the volunteers ask me to do more for the children. They want more staff and more facilities. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange this. Volunteers get angry with me, I do not like that. I would rather have them ask why this is the case, then I can explain it to them."

Are the volunteers in this example being open, honest and interested?
2 out of 2

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