Course 2 – Chapter 2

1. The importance of avoiding attachment. 

Read the following and answer the question which follows. 

“Last year I volunteered at an orphanage in South Africa. While at the orphanage I had the opportunity of working along with the local workers to take care of the children. On most days, I would help the children with their school work or I would do house chores. There are two children who lost their parents at a very young age, so I took it upon myself to spend a lot of time with them. They called me their mother and it often got sad when I left the orphanage for my apartment” 

Based on the above story, is it likely that the children which the volunteer became close with, will develop an attachment disorder?

2. Attachment disorder. 

When a child is showing claiming behaviour or evasive behaviour, it could mean that the child is insecurely attached. This in turn can lead to attachment disorder.

3. Avoiding attachment

All of the following are ways in which volunteers can avoid becoming too attached to children except:

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