Route2Volunteer Academy

About the Academy:

For who is it?

The Route2Volunteer Academy is for all future volunteers who want to get well prepared for their volunteer work abroad. Are you going to teach in a school, help in a community project or child care center or contribute at a wildlife protection project? Whatever you are going to do, this e-learning adds preparation to your volunteer journey! 

Why this e-learning?

This e-learning programme helps you to take that extra step to make your volunteer work more successful. E-learning provides an easy way to learn everything you need to know before going abroad for volunteer work. 

What will I learn?

In this programme you will learn for instance about your motivations, how to deal with cultural differences, social media and how to add value to your experience when you are back from your volunteer work. Each course takes about 30 minutes and contains video and audio material, text lessons and quizzes. 

Frequently asked questions

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After 6 years of offering preparation training we decided to scale up our training in order to reach volunteers worldwide. This is how this e-learning programme came about. I believe this programme can contribute to increased impact of volunteers worldwide



Founder Muses foundation


Volunteer work starts with a good preparation! You should learn about different topics to make a sustainable contribution at your local project and to get the best out of your experience abroad



Trainer at Muses foundation


It is very important to me that volunteers get the chance to contribute as much as possible at their projects. If they know what they can do and what they cannot do it will lead to a much greater value compared to volunteers who are not prepared



Trainer at Muses foundation