tips & tricks 

When you say goodbye
  • Let people know in time that you are leaving
  • Express your appreciation â€‹
  • Let the activities at your farewell depend on how long you have been on your project
When you return home
    Take the time to look back and enjoy!
    Try to stay in touch with other volunteers 
    Make sure you make plans with your friends. Be prepared that they may not be as enthusiastic as you are.


Shanita Oud-vrijwilliger in o.a Thailand

Clearly communicate that you are not there forever. For example, you can hang up balloons in the last 10 days if you work on a project with children. Then you puncture a balloon leak every day to indicate that you are about to leave. The explanation is then: "If the balloons are gone, then I am too."

Melissa Oud-vrijwilliger Cambodja

If you have the luxury: take another month of 'vacation' in your home country then you allow yourself the time to see family and friends and take full days for what you would like to do at that time!

Loes Oud-vrijwilliger Macedonië

It is nice to give something to your project and/or host family when you say goodbye. Something that keeps them thinking about you doesn't have to be something big. A printed photo of all of you is fun! And let the people/children of your project, for example, write something in a book or draw what you can take home to think about them.

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