tips & tricks 

During your volunteer work
  • Make sure you have an open and curious attitude
  • Adapt to the norms and values of the country where you are
  •  If you experience a culture shock, try not to shy away from the people, but go outside and discover.

What do former volunteers say?

Diana Oud-vrijwilliger in o.a Jamaica

On your project, sometimes ask the question: How would you normally solve this if there are no volunteers?

Fleur Oud-vrijwilliger in o.a Suriname

Make contact! This probably creates many fun and unforgettable moments. You also get to know the culture the best. Make real contact with the local population on your project. Look at their wishes and do not enter too much. Remember: you only go faster, you move forward together. So working together is really important if you want to make an impact.

Loes Oud-vrijwilliger Macedoniƫ

Be open to what you will encounter during your volunteer work. Not everything will go as you expect or hope, but if you adopt a flexible attitude, unexpected things can sometimes turn out really well!

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What is your most important advice for future volunteers during their volunteer work?