Where can i do volunteer work?

There is a considerable chance that you already have a preference or an idea about which country you would like to go to. Are you attracted to the generous Latin-America? Are you curious what the African culture is like or would you rather go to the colourful South-East Asia? On the map you will see where former volunteers went. Besides that, you can find some information about cultural differences on this page. 


Most visited countries 

To help you out, we have made a profile of the three most visited countries per continent, with information about the culture, some fun facts and feedback from former volunteers.

But be careful! Is your help really that necessary in the countries that are visited most? 

* Which countries are visited most frequently per continent is based on where volunteers trained by Muses foundation went. 


Cultural differences in countries

Every country is different, which also means that the local culture can be very diferent from the local culture in your country. Why would the Vietnamese sit right next to you when the whole bus is empty? Why does the Chilean point you the way when he does not know the way himself? How can that Ghanaian help you with so much patience, even if I do not understand it after the fourth time? 

Do you already have an idea where you want to go? Then it is a good idea to read more about the culture of that country! You can do this by checking out cultural dimensions scores. These scores tell you exactly what is important in a society. Take a look below to see exactly what these dimensions entail. 

1. Power Distance

2. Individualism 

3. Masculinity/Femininity 

4. Avoidance of uncertainty