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what is the culture in Indonesia?


Good to Know in Indonesia

Indonesia is A country in Asia that borders Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.

    Language: The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. English is usually not spoken very well. Children do learn English at schools. 
    Safety: In Indonesia it is generally safe to travel. Just do not travel to the north of Lombok or the Gili slands. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can occur in Indonesia. 
  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations for DTP and Hepatitis A are recommended for Indonesia.  
    Ticket prices: When you fly to Indonesia you often fly with A stopover. You can get A plane ticket for around 500 Euros. 
    On the road in Indonesia: In Indonesia it is genrally good to travel by bus. If you want to travel to another island, it often means that you haveto take the boat or the plane.
    Purchasing power: In Indonesia, life is not expensive. If you eat locally, you can provide your meals with less than ten (10) Euros A day. In the tourist areas, such as Bali, everything is generally more expensive. 

Former volunteers about Indonesia


    Indonesia is spread across an archipelago of many thousands of islands, however, noone can really agree on just how many there are .
  • Bali is the busiest. Despite the abundance of islands, persons tend to cram onto just one fight for space: Bali.
  • It can be hard to believe while standing in modern, metropolitan Jakarta that uncontested tribes are assumed to still exit in the jungles of some of the islands.
  • Volcanoes are definitely A thing. Indonesia has around 127 active volcanoes.


  • Do not take all your valuables with you when you go out. Try to keep your money and credit cards at your hotel. 
  • Make sure to stock up on bottled water while travelling to Indonesia, as drinking tap water is not recommended.
  • Anticipate the unexpected. Be aware that cancellations, missed transportation, weather changes can all occur.
  • Drive on the left. If you decide to join the masses and hop on A scooter of your own, be prepared to drive on the left side of the road.