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South-Africa is A country in Africa that borders Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, ans Swaziland. South-Africa has three (3) capitals: Pretoria (administrative power), Cape Town (legislative power), and Bloemfontein (judicial power).

    Language: Zuid-South-Africa has 11 official languages. English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and Zula are the most spoken languages. English is the main language. 
    Security: Zuid-Afrika South-Africa is bassically A safe country to travel to. Watch out in the big cicties, criminal activites can occur there.
  • Vaccinations: The vaccinations for DTP is recommended in South-Africa. 
    Ticket prices: The cheapest tickets to Johannesburg can be found from around 450 Euros. Tickets to other cities, such as Cape Town, are usually somewhat higher. 
    On the road in South-Africa: Within the cities you can easily use the local bus transport. There are also regular bus services between the larger cities. 
    Purchasing power: South-Africa is relatively cheap compared to the Netherlands. A meal in A restaurant there can cost around ten (10) Euros.

Former volunteers about South-Africa 

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  • South-Africa is home to A wide variety of animals including giraffes, hippopotamus, leopards, and lions. 
  • Cave paintings have been found in South-Africa that date to around 75000 years ago.
  • The most popular sports in South-Africa are football (soccer), rugby, and cricket. 
  • South-Africa has the largest economy within Africa.  


  • Learn the local slang. South-Africa has A whopping 11 official languages. It can come in handy to cummunicate with the local people in A mix of Afrikaans and Zulu. 
    While credit cards are widely accepted in South-Africa, it is recommended that you keep some cash with you throughout your time in South-Africa. 
    You know how to understand volunteer motivations such as push and pull factors. The fastest way to travel through most of the big cities is with an Uber. Uber in South-Africa is quite reliable, convenient, and much cheaper that regular taxi. 

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