Make sure your motivation is clear for yourself. 

You have the desire to do volunteer work, but why? Do you want to develop yourself? Do you want to escape the busy life in your home country? Do you want to learn from other cultures or just help the less fortunate? Doing volunteer work with the wrong motivation can lead to a negative experience or a negative effect on the project.  When your motivation is not clear:

    Your expectations about volunteering are probably not realistic.
    You would not understand what you need to prepare for (both practically and mentally) 
    Volunteering may not be what you need to fulfill your wish. 

We most certainly do not what to discourage you to do volunteer work. It is an amazing experience and will get you A long way, but it is very important to think about motivations to get the most out of your journey, not only for yourself, but also for the local community.

What are your most important motivations? check it out and dicover the motivation of others.

  • Absolutely not = 1 - 5 = Absolute
    My friends do volunteer work.
    A better chance to get the job I want.
    I can do something for others
    Distraction from my daily worries
    The feeling I can do something useful
    I can learn things by practicing